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Why is it better to choose parquet?

There are more and more novelties on the market, e.g. ceramic plates with wood pattern, laminated panels or panels with thin wooden film. All these products have one common characteristic feature – they are to imitate real wood. Their advantage is that they are easy to lay and it is possible to use them right after assembly. However, why agree to have forgery? For a similar price we can have the original. Besides, wood gives possibilities of creating such designs that are impossible to achieve by means of uniform and monotonous laminates. It is clear, besides material quality and thickness, an important element are auxiliary materials used during assembly and conservation, also.

Currently, three kinds of finish of wooden surfaces are used: varnishing, oiling, and waxing. Varnishing is the most common. Depending on personal preferences and purpose of wooden surface, there are gloss, semigloss, matt, and sometimes anti-slip varnishes.

Varnish needs 14 days to acquire full hardness, but most modern chemicals effectively protect floors even after three hours. Varnish is supposed to protect the surface by increasing water resistance of wood. In a room where varnished surfaces are used appropriate temperature and humidity conditions should be fulfilled. If temperature is too high, timber will become dry and cracked.  If humidity is too high, timber will swell. It is believed that an optimal room temperature should be 17-25oC, and humidity 50-60%. In order to decrease wear one should remember about regular floor care and cleaning. There are special agents for floor maintenance. One should remember that those agents are different depending on different surface finish (varnish, oil or wax). Table and chair legs should have felt pads.

Parquet durability?

We recommend experienced layers with whom we have cooperated for many years.
A 30-year-gap for parquet renovation is assumed. In such conditions parquet can remain in good shape even for 100 years. Thus, it is clear that parquet is a multi-generational material, just on contrary to panels.


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ul. Sosnowa 37,
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